meet morgan

Randall Fant comes to Fur Services Fur Pets from Texarkana, Texas.  He currently has three pets.  Fitgerald and Theo are the two dogs and Itty Bitty is the cat that keeps everyone in line.  Randall loves to take his dogs to lakes and rivers to play fetch.  Fitzgerald and Theo love to run and jump in the water.  Itty Bitty enjoys indoor activities like pouncing on toys.  Randall comes to us because, “I have always wanted to find a job working with animals. I love being around animals as much as I can, so this job just made perfect since for me”.  His first pet was a Cocker Spaniel named Sadie.  Welcome to the Fur Services Fur Pets team Randall!​

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Brandon Pettey is the owner of Pettey Content Management - that specializes in professional blogs, website content, and social media assistance. He is a future secondary English teacher that resides in Texarkana, Texas. When he isn't writing or teaching, Brandon likes to spend time with his Golden Retriever Ivy and rescue kitty Bella.