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What areas do you service?

We service the communities along the 380 Corridor including Savannah, Paloma Creek, Providence Village and Cross Oaks Ranch. We also cover Little Elm, Aubrey, Krugerville, Cross Roads, Prosper, parts of Celina, North Frisco and West Frisco.

What is the difference between Pet Sitting and Dog Boarding?

Pet Sitting provides in-your-home care for your pets. It allows them to be comfortable, safe and secure in their own environment without loading them into the car with all of their gear and bringing them to a facility.

Dog Boarding can be anything from a basic Kennel Facility to a Luxury Private Room Daycare Facility.

Will I always have the same pet sitter?

No, we work as a team. Working as a team allows us to say yes to last minute reservations, always have a backup when emergencies occur and allow us to positively socialize your pets with different staff members.

How do I get started with Fur Services Fur Pets?

Becoming a customer is easy! Simply create an account by going to: 

Will I hear from you while I am out of town?

If we have any questions, we will send a message through our client portal. Otherwise, you can look forward to seeing our report cards after each visit. If you ever have questions, feel free to send a message through the portal and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Will all potty accidents be cleaned up while I am gone?

To the best of our ability, all accidents that we find while you are away from home will be cleaned.

What happens if my pet gets ill or injured while I am gone?

If your pet starts to feel bad while you are gone, we will first get in touch with you. If we cannot reach you, we will contact your emergency contact. It’s important for your Emergency Contact to be someone who is able to make decisions on your behalf. In the event of an emergency where time is of the essence, we may act first and contact you once we are able.

What do you do in the event of an Emergency (Pet Companion Emergency) or Inclement Weather that prevents you from coming to my home?

One of the benefits of having a team that knows your pets is that if the scheduled sitter is unable to make it to your home as scheduled for whatever reason, we always have a backup option.

Is Fur Services Fur Pets Insured? Bonded?

Fur Services Fur Pets carries complete business liability insurance to protect you, your home and our team. We also carry employee theft coverage in the unlikely event that items go missing from your home.

What affiliations does Fur Services Fur Pets have? What difference does it make?

Fur Services Fur Pets is a proud member of Denton County Pet Sitters Association (DCPSA), the National Association for Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), Pet Sitters International (PSI) and the International Boarding and Pet Services Association (IBPSA). These organizations set high standards for their members to abide by in order to remain members. They also provide an incredible amount of support and education so we, as Pet Care Providers can continually become better at our profession.

Can I book a last minute reservation with Fur Services Fur Pets?

We always strive to be as flexible as possible. We know that life happens. We will always do our best to take your last minute requests whether it is for mid-day visits that afternoon or emergency trips out of town.

I am going out of town over a National Holiday, will you be open?

Our team cares for pets 365 days a year, 7 days a week – this includes all national and major holidays! There are certain holidays that carry a small, per visit Holiday Fee.

When do I pay for my reservation?

You are welcome to pay prior to your departure by visiting our client portal and clicking on the “Invoices” tab. Alternatively, we will email you the invoice when you get back. We request that all invoices are paid within 7 days of the final service date.

How do I pay you?

We accept cash, check, credit card, PayPal and bank drafts. You can pay through our client portal, or you can contact us for other ways to get us paid.

I gave you my key, what happens to it?

We take the possession of your key seriously. We number each key (no names, no addresses, no identifiers) and lock them up in our office. Our office is in our home, however, all doors to our office are locked with a keypad lock so only our staff is able to access it.

Will my Pet Companion be at my house at a certain time?

We do not guarantee service times. Between a visit needing extra time, traffic and a busy schedule, we aren’t able to predict exactly when someone will be taking care of your pets. Each service is scheduled within a time frame and if needed, we can narrow that window of time down to two hours.

Why do you call yourself a “Professional” Pet Care Provider?

As we have built this business we have realized that not every “Pet Sitter” or “Dog Walker” is the same. We consider our team “Professional” versus many others because we are continually educating ourselves, we carry more than sufficient liability insurance, we carry Workman’s Compensation insurance for our team, we carry employee theft coverage, our team goes through an extensive period of training (as much as 5-6 times more than staff working for other similar companies), we background check everyone before they enter your home, we wear uniforms, conduct ourselves by a higher standard and always strive to wow our customers. There are many more characteristics that make us a “Professional” company – feel free to ask!

Do you have blackout dates?

We accept reservations every day of the year as long as we have the capacity to properly care for your pets.

What does a Mid-Day Potty & Play Break look like?

A Mid-Day Potty & Play break is focused on two main things: Potty Time and Play Time. Our team allows your pet plenty of opportunity to potty at the beginning, end and often even in the middle of the visit. We then spend the rest of the visit playing with and cuddling on your pet!

What does a Dog Walk look like?

Our Dog Walks start with a quick potty break outside, then we take your dog for a sniff around its neighborhood. The pace is generally set by your pup as is the route we take. We try to change it up and let them lead us to their desired adventure. We often return for a quick 5-10 minute play session and a final potty break before we depart.

What does a Pet Sit Visit look like?

Similar to our other visits, we always start a Pet Sit Visit with a potty break (unless all pets in the house hold are cats or caged). During a pet sit, our focus is on giving your pet plenty of love, playtime and attention. We know when you are away, they can get lonely and we try to fill this void. We’ll also feed on your schedule, refresh water bowls, bring in the mail and rotate lights and blinds.

What does an Overnight Stay look like?

Our Overnight Stays are a unique experience. We are able to quickly complete potty time, dinner and home checks and get to spend the evening playing with, loving on and cuddling your pet – just like you would if you could be home!

What is Time to Pet? Why do I need to download it?

Time to Pet hosts our Customer Portal. We encourage all of our clients to download the Time to Pet App on their mobile device for ease of communication. It is definitely not required, you are welcome to access our reports through your email or by logging onto our client portal through our website.