Fur Services Fur Pets was founded with our Pet Sitting Services. We had a desire to provide affordable, educated and quality service to our neighbors. Since that start back in 2013 we have molded our company and services with a foundation of Excellence, Education & Training, Peace of Mind and our absolute Love of Pets.

Our Pet Sitting services are perfect for both the frequent and occasional traveler. In-Your-Home Pet Care allows your pet to stay home, where they are familiar and comfortable and enjoy one-on-one quality time each visit.

Areas We Serve

Our Pet Sitting Schedule most often looks like:

  • Morning Visits: 7am – 10am
  • Afternoon Visits: 2pm – 5pm
  • Late Evening Visits: 7pm – 10pm

Most of our customers schedule us for four visits each day they are gone, but we have the ability to visit up to six times a day and as little as three a day (once a day for small-caged animals and cats).

Minimum three visits a day required for each 24 hour calendar date owners are out of town.

We do offer Early Morning Visits between 6am-7am and Midnight Visits between 10pm-12am for an additional fee.

What We Include

  • Quality Time With Your Pet
  • Outside Breaks for Dogs
  • Scoop Litter Boxes
  • Refresh Food/Water on Schedule
  • Basic Medications
  • Pet Accident Clean Up (to the best of our ability)
  • Bring Mail In Daily
  • Water Plants (when requested)
  • Rotate Lights & Blinds
  • Security and Perimeter Check of Home
  • Bring Trash / Recycle Cans Out to Curb & Back on Trash Days (as requested)

We require a minimum of one visit daily for cats

We require a minimum of two visits daily for un-crated dogs over 12 months in age Any dogs that are crated will require three visits per 24 hour period We recommend at least three visits per day for all dogs.

If potty accidents are discovered more than twice in a row, we will add an additional visit on each day for the remainder of the reservation period.

See our Puppy Policy below for dogs under 12 months old


20 Minute Pet Sit


20 minute visits are for potty break purposes only. Two visits per day need to be at least 30 minutes in length, additional daily visits can be 20 minutes in length. Early Morning, Late Night and Feeding visits can not be scheduled as 20 minute visits.*

Restrictions apply, please contact Fur Services Fur Pets for more details.

30 Minute Pet Sit

45 Minute Pet Sit

60 Minute Pet Sit

Prices above are inclusive of the first two pets in a household; additional pets are $2 each

Puppy Policy

(can be applicable to senior pets who are unable to hold potty for long periods of time)

  • Puppies (6 weeks to 16 weeks): visits every 3-4 hours with overnight visits required in order to support potty training efforts and prevent increased accidents. Visits can be a combination of 30+ minute visits and 15-minute “Potty Visits”
  • Puppies (17 weeks to 6 months): visits every 4-5 hours with first and last visit spots each day; can be a combination of 30+ minute visits and 15-minute “Potty Visits”