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Trusted Pet Sitters

We know there are hundreds of options of pet care – be it dog walking, pet sitting or cat sitting. It seems like every neighbor, mom and kid down the block is pet sitting or dog walking these days. Hey! There is nothing wrong with that – that is how we got started – we were that neighbor who offered up the services!

Well, we’ve come a long way from being that neighbor who pet-sits. So long that we’ve won national pet sitting industry awards, including 2022 Business of the Year from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters! We have evolved into your North Texas choice for Pet Sitting and Dog Walking. Our worry-free and wag-worthy service sets us apart from the rest, and we are continually focusing on offering the type of service we would want if we were searching for a forever pet care company.

A Family-Owned, Family-Operated Business with Community Roots

Fur Services Fur Pets (FSFP) was founded in 2013 by Jessica Milam. FSFP is now co-managed with her husband, Chris, and a team of caring Pet Companions, including Jessica’s siblings, Max and Cat! We believe in being active members of our North Texas community and hire locally. We are your neighbors, your peers, your kids’ friends’ parents and proud business owners and members of our community.

Pet Companions to Care and Love Your Pets

Worry-free and wag-worthy care is a priority for us. We know how it feels to leave your pet. You worry they’ll miss you or stress out from being away from you. What if the pet sitter doesn’t love them the same way we would, right? We understand. We have pets, too! That’s why we’re so good at what we do — we genuinely love pets and want the very best for them.

We aren’t a quick visit, food scoop and go type of service. We’re here for the belly rubs, head scritches, and zoomies as much as the pets are! We promise to shower them with love, attention, and play while you’re away. Whether you’re gone overnight or just need us to pop in for the day, you have nothing to worry about — your pets are safe and well loved with us.

Our Team Is Trained, Certified, Bonded, and Insured

Fur Services Fur Pets Pet Companions are a team of pet lovers who:

  • … give your pet regular positive socialization! We provide your pet with safe and playful interactions with different people outside your family to promote confidence and reduce people-based anxiety.
  • … are available to take on your requests — even at the last minute and on the same day. We know life happens, and we are here to support you!
  • … get to know your pets and their routine as a team so any one of us can step in at a moment’s notice in the event of emergencies, accidents, or illness.
  • … send a uniformed, identifiable team member into your home that is equipped with all the professional training, tools and supplies necessary to care for your dogs, cats, birds, chinchillas, and any other pet.
  • … believe in living balanced home/work lives to ensure we are coming into your homes well-rested, supported, and ready to care for and love your pets — our team enjoys regular days off and vacation time — even though we offer services 24/7/365, we never overwork our team.
  • .… cover all the liability bases with a pet-care specific liability insurance company that covers your pets and your home while they are in our care. We also cover our team with Workman’s Compensation coverage so you never have to worry about being liable for them getting injured on your property.


Trusted Pet Care Providers

Whether you need us for drop-in visits or overnight pet care stays, your pet is always under the care of the very best Pet Companions in North Texas.

Our stellar team passes through a rigorous and strategic hiring and training process which includes:

    • … a federal background check that specifically screens for animal cruelty charges and is conducted by one of the best companies in the industry that specializes in the pet care field.
    • … a pre-employment survey to ensure everyone on our team is qualified, of excellent character, and fully prepared to take the best possible care of your pet and home.
    • … industry leading training that includes but is not limited to Canine and Feline Breeds, Development, Behavior, Communication, Health and Wellness, Bite Prevention, Common Dog Training, Safe Dog Walking and Handling, and COVID Safety.
    • … mentorship training where our senior Pet Companions give comprehensive in-person, hands-on training to our new Pet Companions.
    • … continuing education with video content, books, magazine articles and other hands-on and e-learning programs for our Pet Companions because we don’t believe there is a point at which ANY pet lover can ‘know it all.’
    • … full support, including investments in and celebrations of our stellar staff. We know they are the backbone to our business and their happiness, success, confidence and satisfaction with their career means they will provide the highest caliber of service while on the job.


Backups for our Backups for our Backups

No one ever wants to get that call while on vacation or at work that your care provider can’t make it after all. We believe in being responsible and accountable pet care givers. Our solid system of checks and balances ensures there is always someone on our team ready to care for your pets and your home. When we say “worry-free,” we mean it.

Liability Coverage, Bonding and Workman’s Compensation

We are proud to contract with a pet-care specific liability insurance company that provides proper insurance for our pet sitting and dog walking business. General liability policies that many companies carry do not carry the same level of coverage that we offer. While we never anticipate any issues, our policy includes coverage in the event that something happens with your pets or home while under our care, including employee bonding coverage and Workman’s Compensation coverage.




Client Portal with GPS Tracked & Timed Visits

Our web-based client portal is the best in the industry and offers constant communication with your Pet Companion. You can open it from any computer or phone browser to access our dedicated messaging feature where you can check in and chat back and forth with our team to ask questions or provide last-minute instructions. Each visit is GPS-tracked and timed (available upon request), and Report Cards are provided after each visit, detailing how we spent our time and most importantly, how your pets are doing! We share what duties were performed, including photos of every visit so you can feel worry-free seeing that your pets are happy and healthy and your home is safe.