Fur Services Fur Pets began with a passion to provide peace of mind for the pet-owner by way of incredible customer service and excellent pet care. We accomplish this by offering a variety of services to suit the individual pet and their owner.

Overnight Pet Care – and our exclusive “Almost Overnight” service is one way we offer tailored service!

We know some dogs and cats just need more time and attention than other dogs. Some dogs are crated all day and their owners want to alleviate crate time by providing more pet care time. Some dogs and cats experience such high anxiety that being alone all day and all night is not an option.

Areas We Serve

Overnight Pet Care brings our highly qualified, Pet Care Companions into your home for an extended period of time!

We stay in your home, overnight for 10 hours so we are able to play, relax and rest with your pet(s) however they prefer! We highly recommend adding at least one daytime Pet Sitting Visit for all clients with dogs so they have additional potty breaks during the day (additional fees apply).

What We Include

  • 10 hour stay in your home (most often from 9pm – 7am)
  • Optional evening or morning walk
  • Afternoon Pet Sitting Visit is highly recommended and charged at an additional fee
  • Fresh food and water per instructions
  • All medication administration at no additional charge


Overnight Stay

Almost Overnight

Our exclusive “Almost Overnight” is great for pets that are crated at night – or when you want your pet to get quality time, but don’t necessarily want someone staying overnight! We are there for two hours in the evening before bedtime, one hour in the morning for wake up and thirty minutes during the day for a potty break.