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April 11 is National Pet Day!  Most days we celebrate the lives of our own pets.  This National Pet Day would be a great opportunity to help pets in need.  It is a chance to do something good that will put a smile on your face. Fur Services Fur Pets would like to help you find the best way to Celebrate National Pet Day:

Adopted a new dog, cat or small pet is a great way to Celebrate National Pet Day
Adopted a new dog, cat or small pet is a great way to Celebrate National Pet Day

Adopt A Pet

There are 7.6 million pets in shelters according to  That number sounds daunting. But we could make a real difference if more people began to adopt.  Adoption is an opportunity to save a loving animal’s life. They give unconditional love in return.  When you adopt a pet, another one gets a chance at a safe home. Adoption is the gift that never ends – whether you adopt from a shelter or rescue group! Some of our favorite local rescues are:

Volunteer at a Shelter

Taking care of numerous animals is a lot of work.  Shelters operate on a non-profit basis. This makes it difficult for them to have a large staff.  Volunteers are needed and appreciated. We could spend the weekend of National Pet Day helping pets and the people who devote their lives to them. Some of our local favorite shelters include:

This National Pet Day, make the decision and take the steps to Volunteer at Local Animal Shelters and with local pet Rescues
Volunteer at Local Shelters & with Local Rescue Groups


Even if you don’t have time to volunteer, donations are great.  Food, blankets, toys, money, and food dishes are all great items to donate.  Think about how much stuff your pets go through. Now multiply that…by a lot.  Shelters and other pet welfare centers can’t take care of the fur babies without our help.  Give a little or a lot, it all helps.

Spread Awareness

There are, unfortunately, people out there who don’t love animals like we do.  Pet mills and testing products on animals is still a problem. This National Pet Day, we can say enough is enough.  Spread awareness through your social media accounts or hold a peaceful rally. Knowledge is power. Let’s empower ourselves and others to help four-legged friends.

Get Your Pet Certified

The love of a pet is healing.  Hospitals and nursing homes are picking up on this.  Get your pet certified as a therapy pet. Then take your pet to brighten someone’s day.  Pets relieve stress and depression. Your furry friend could help someone overcome a major life struggle.  This National Pet Day, take your pet out to do some good.

Start the process of getting your pet certified as a Therapy Dog this National Pet Day!
Certified Therapy Dog

Let’s make some waves this National Pet Day.  Take some time out of your day to help the fur babies.  They need us. You will get paid in love and sloppy kisses, from the pets only.  Fur Services Fur Pets hopes you have a great National Pet Day. Please continue to follow our blog for more great pet tips.

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