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The holiday season is upon us.  It feels so great to give our loved ones a gift they love and see their faces light up.  As pet lovers, many of us want to include our furry family members in the gift exchange. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out just what to get.  It would be so much easier if they could just write out their shopping lists.  Too bad they don’t have thumbs.  Fur Services Fur Pets is here to help you pick out the gifts that will keep your pups howling and your kitties purring well into the new year.  Consider these gift ideas:

1. Homemade Snacks

Making homemade dog treats in the shape of a bone.

Everyone likes to eat around the holidays, pets included. Unfortunately, many of the delicious goodies for humans are not healthy for pets.  Consider making homemade pet treats.  Recipes can be found on the Internet and usually involve simple ingredients and preparation.  Whenever you are snacking on something good,just treat your pet to one of their snacks. They will feel included in the fun and everyone will be in the spirit.

Check out these dog treats we shared on our Facebook Page

2. Clothes

Cute little ginger kitten wearing warm knitted sweater is sleeping on the white carpet
Cute little ginger kitten wearing warm knitted sweater

Is any holiday card really complete without matching clothes for the family?  Your pet would love to be included in the holiday attire.  There are plenty of great options for pets of all shapes and sizes. Santa hats and holiday sweaters aren’t just for humans.  Just make sure that the clothing does not obstruct their movement or other activities.

3. New Bed

French Bulldog relaxing in her new bed

The weather outside during the holidays can be frightful. The best way to combat the cold is to snuggle in.  A new bed will ensure that your pet stays warm and cozy during these chilly nights. Plus, it will help in keeping them from hogging your bed.  We make no promises though.

4. New Toy

Basket of Dog Toys
Basket of Dog Toys

New toys are never a bad thing, for pets or humans.  Pet stores have great holiday themed toys that your pet will love.  A new squeaky toy will remind your fur babies just how much you love them and how lucky they are.  Bonus-if you have young kids around the house during the holidays, new toys will keep them and your pets occupied.  Just make sure you can tolerate the sound it makes before purchasing.

5. New Bowl

A cute Toy Poodle puppy sitting in its new bowl

It’s a smart idea to purchase a new food dish occasionally. The holidays are a great time to make that purchase.  Maybe you want your pet to have a special bowl just for the holidays.  If you have an aging pet, consider getting a food bowl that is raised.  Reaching down can be hard on old bones.  Regardless of their age, your pet will need something spiffy to eat those delicious snacks you made out of. 

We at Fur Services Fur Pets hope you have a happy and healthy holiday.  Remember, every day with our pets is a gift.  Include them in the festivities for maximum holly and jolly.  Keep following our blog for more great holiday tips!

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