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Pets are like children.  They dive into things and ask questions later…if there is time…which is never.  This need to investigate can get our curious companions into a lot of trouble. March 18th marks the beginning of National Animal Poison Prevention Week.  As pet guardians, it is our responsibility to keep our pets out of danger as much as possible. With families, jobs, and chores that can seem like an impossible task.  Never fear, Fur Services Fur Pets is here with some tips to prevent pets from getting poisoned (say that ten times fast):

Keep Chemicals out of Reach

Curious pets are surprisingly good at opening cabinets.  It is not enough to keep household products behind closed doors.  If your products are within their reach, consider using a child lock.  It may be easier just to keep them at a level that your furry friends cannot reach.  Prevention also includes keeping your pets out of an area where a harmful product was just used.

keeping your pets away from chemicals can save their life
Storing dangerous household cleaners away from your pet an save their life

Know Your Walking Path

We love our pets.  So the first instinct is to take them everywhere with us.  Taking the wrong path with your pet can lead to them ingesting something poisonous.  It is best if you examine the area before taking them out. You don’t have to be a botanist to keep your pet safe.  The ASPCA has a list of what to keep your pet away from:

Know whats on your dog's walking trail so you can keep your dog away from poisonous plants.
Know whats on your dog’s walking trail so you can keep your dog away from poisonous plants.

Be Careful with Medications

Some medications meant for humans are okay for pets and some are not. Always consult your veterinarian before giving your pet medication. Medicines should also be stored far from the reach of your pets.  Where they lack thumbs they make up for with plenty of determination.

Keep prescription and over the counter medications away from curious pets.
Variety of Medicine Bottles Behind Pills Spilling From Fallen Bottle.

Keep Pesticides out of Reach

Many of the pesticides that professional companies use are now safe for your pets to be around.  That is not always the case with over-the-counter pesticide. It is best to only use them in areas where your pets won’t go.  If necessary, contain your pet while you are using the product. It also never hurts to double check with companies to make sure their chemicals are not harmful to pets.

Professionally sprayed pesticides as well as over the counter pesticides can be dangerous to your indoor and outdoor pets.
Professionally sprayed and over-the-counter pesticides can present a poisonous situation for your pets

Keep Human Food out of Reach

Some human foods are toxic to dogs.  Most people know about chocolate but there are several others.  The safest bet is to keep all your food out of your pet’s reach so they don’t accidentally eat something harmful.  Besides, who wants their delicious snack stolen? Consult the ASPCA list and our blog on the topic to find out which foods to never feed your pet.

Fur Services Fur Pets hopes that these tips help prevent your pets from getting poisoned and stay safe.  If you think your pet has been poisoned, find an emergency veterinarian immediately.

For more information on National Animal Poison Prevention Week and more safety tips check out:

As always, please continue to follow our blog for more great pet tips.

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