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Hi, I’m Chris. I’ve been actively Pet Sitting for two years now. But this isn’t my first go-around keeping pets happy; in 2006 I worked for a local pet lodge as a Daycare & Pet Attendant.

I’ve been a pet-lover all my life; as a child we had a Jack Russell Terrier that I used to run around the backyard with. Since adulthood, Jessica and I have always had pets. We started with a Bearded Dragon, then tried our hand in fostering. Once we foster failed with Lacey and had to move on from continuous fostering, we added a cat and snakes to our family. Since then
we have had more lizards, water turtles, fish, more dogs and more cats.

​When I’m not hanging out with your pets or mine, I love to add places and adventures to my bucket list. Jessica and I love to travel and use our lifestyle club benefits as much as we can! My favorite and most relaxing past-time is video gaming – whether it is on my phone or my X-Box, it is what is my ultimate relaxation!

Other than pet sitting, I work as an Uber Driver and even have some private airport transfers that I book from time to time!

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