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Pet Firework Anxiety Management

Rosy Anderson was born and raised in South Texas.  She has lived in Savannah, Texas for the past eleven years.  With five pets, Rosy is well on her way to having a miniature zoo.  She has a senior kitty cat named Chevy that is thirteen years old.  She has four dogs named Nanook (12), Midnight (right, 5), Gizmo (in her arms, 2), and Faith (Left, 1).  Nanook is not pictured because the young kids were just entirely too perky.

​Rosy loves cuddling and playing ball with her pets.  She works with Fur Services Fur Pets, “because I simply love all kinds of fur babies. Getting to take care for them and learning all personalities. I also love the fact, that we can help take care of them, when fur baby parents need us”.  The first pet that Rosy ever had was a White American Eskimo named Blanca.  We are so happy to have her on the team.

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