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Chris and I have been on a quest to find some of the best pet foods on the market to feed our pets. This quest has been going on for…well, years and years!

It started back when we got our first dog – Lacey! For the first couple of years we fed her what we thought were great foods – recommended by the rescue we got her from and the pet store – at the time. But, on a regular basis, Lacey would throw up. In speaking with her vet, we started learning about food allergies and how that could be affecting Lacey.

Fast forward a bit…in 2006 we really started cracking down on pet food! This was the year we learned what “by-products” in dog and cat food meant and why we didn’t want food with “protein by-products” or any other by-product. We got even pickier about her food (and our cat’s food) at this point….

Through the years we have continued studying food, what is is made up and trying different things. We’ve had to balance great food and our budgetary restrictions, but we’ve always aimed for buying the best food that fit our budget at the time. We realized that just because we WANTED to buy the absolute best food, it wasn’t always practical or realistic.

That’s why we are so excited to start offering Nulo Pet Food for our customers!  Nulo is an Austin-based, independently owned company and their food is completely manufactured and packaged in the U.S.

Nulo Food is Grain-Free and contains no Potatoes, Tapioca, Corn, Wheat, Soy, Poultry or Meat By-Products, Artificial Preservatives, Colors or Flavorings!

Their food is made with the goal of helping to reduce food-based allergies, reduce the amount of carbs, increase easily digestible protein, pack in more amino acids and add Probiotics into your pet’s diet.

Their protein sources come from sustainable family farms that focus on free-range beef, free-roam chicken and turkey and wild-caught fish from sustainable environments.

Simply put:

  • Grain Free Dog and Cat Foods
  • HIgh Meat Protein – real lamb, beef, chicken, salmon, turkey or cod
  • Low Carb and low glycemic index ingredients
  • Patented BC30 Probiotic
  • None of the stuff you don’t want

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