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Halloween is an exciting time for us humans.  We get to step away from our daily routines and become kids again for one night.  Halloween night we get to indulge ourselves and leave all our cares at the bottom of the barrel we bob for apples from.  Costumes and candy are expected.  We love our pets and want them to be a part of the festivities.  It is important to know the safe ways to include our pets in Halloween, so our trick-or-treating route does not end up at the veterinarian’s office.  There are a few safety tips you can follow to ensure that you and your pets have an enjoyable Halloween.

  1. Keep Pets in a Safe Place

The doorbell will be ringing throughout Halloween night.  Every time you open the door is an opportunity for your pet to make a break for it.  Before the kids arrive, it might be smart to put your pets behind closed doors.  This will prevent them from going on an unscheduled adventure.  Especially if your pet suffers from anxiety, a safe place will make them feel a lot more secure.  If anxiety is a factor, make sure to give them medicine before everyone arrives.  As extra assurance, make sure their tags are properly secured to their collar.  Doors will open, and pets will run in a split second.  Give them a comfortable place to sleep and their favorite toy for a better chance at cooperation.  Minimize the time they are in the yard as well.  We don’t want our pets to become victims of mischievous tricksters.

  1. Costumes

Pet costumes are cute, but they may not be a good choice.  The ASPCA recommends not dressing pets up for Halloween.  Aren’t they cute enough already?  If you do dress your pet up, make sure they are comfortable.  Any costume that restricts their mobility should be ruled out.  Your pet also needs to be able to answer nature’s call with ease.

  1. Keep Food and Decorations High

Curiosity can get our pets into a lot of trouble.  Cats will investigate candles flickering in a pumpkin.  Everyone should have their whiskers on November 1st.  Dogs cannot help but be tempted by food.  Chocolate candy can cause them to have serious health problems.  Pumpkin can cause digestive troubles in some dogs.  Animals of all kinds get caught in electrical cords.  Tape them to the floor to make sure four-legged and two-legged ghouls and goblins stay safe.  Keep decorations within their reach to a minimum.

  1. Minimize Noise

There are plenty of great decorations that make spooky noises.  If you’re a pet-lover, it is probably a good idea to leave them at the store.  Consider leaving a note on the door asking kids to knock softly instead of ringing the doorbell.

  1. Humans are Scary

Be careful introducing costumes.  Although dogs rely mostly on smell, unfamiliar sights are intimidating.  A costume on someone they are familiar with could cause a fear response.  If your pets are not secured in a safe place, children will want to pet them.  The interaction with several strangers is intimidating and might cause a fear response.

Fur Services Fur Pets wishes you a happy and spooky Halloween.  Enjoy the festivities and let your pet enjoy their night in peace.  Try to keep the noise to a minimum.  Costumes should be reserved for humans.  Please continue to follow our blog for more safety tips.  Happy trick-or-treating!

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