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It probably does not surprise you that the pet world goes through trends.  Just like celebrities on the red carpet, what is “in” now with pets can be “out” tomorrow.  Fur Services Fur Pets would never let you go without knowing what only the chicest pets are into right now.  So we have created a list of some of the most popular pet trends for 2019:

Smart Home-Pet Devices

Leaving your pet to go to work or on a trip is sad.  They are the absolute best at sending us on guilt trips.  Then there is the punishment of coming home to a mess. Smart home-pet devices allow us humans to keep an eye on our pets while we’re away.  These devices allow the user to watch their pet utilizing a camera. So if you see your pet getting into mischief, you can call us to intervene.  Some of these devices even come with an automatic feeder.

Genetic Testing

Don’t worry, your pet will not receive a call to be on a daytime television show.  This kind of genetic testing doesn’t call anyone out. But now you can submit a blood sample and find out the breed of your pet.  This is especially interesting to owners who adopt a mutt from a shelter, or someone just wanting to confirm a pet is purebred. These tests can also be helpful in looking into potential health concerns.

Fear-Free Clinics

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Our pets just know when they’re going to the veterinarian.  It’s almost instinctual. Some vet offices are trying to alleviate at least a small amount of stress.  Some of the measures include different waiting rooms for dogs and cats as well as pumping in calming pheromones.  They still can’t figure out how to get our pets to forgive us after a trip to the doctor. See our blog on healthy treats.  Bribery always works.

We are lucky enough to have a local Fear Free Certified vet clinic – check out Aubrey Animal Medical Center and Dr. Lucette Beall!

Pet Health and Fitness Trackers

Consumers are demanding better choices for their pets.  This includes healthier foods and more information on their pet’s health.  Pet health and fitness trackers allow pet parents to track sleep, exercise levels, and calories burned.  Now you and your pet can crush it together! In addition to looking buff, these trackers are helpful in keeping aging pets on a healthy routine.   

We at Fur Services Fur Pets hope this information helps keep your pets on the A list.  We will be sure to update you as trends change. Please continue to follow our blog for more pet tips.

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