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Pet Firework Anxiety The Fourth of July is a time of celebration. It is a time to fire up the barbecue pit celebrate our nation’s independence with great friends and family. No Fourth is quite complete without breaking out the folding chairs and viewing a firework show. They are colorful and entertaining. The colorful paintings in the sky really make us proud to be an American. Our furry friends, however, have a different opinion.

Firework shows and private celebrations can cause our pets a lot of anxiety.  Our pets don’t keep a calendar. They become accustomed to the sights, smells, and sounds of their homes.

Fireworks are a startling surprise. It is important to remember that dogs have much stronger senses than humans. If fireworks are loud for us, can you imagine how intense they are for them?  There is also an odor that is emitted from fireworks that pets dislike.

Pet Firework Anxiety

It is normal for pets to be afraid of fireworks.  Things like thunderstorms can be upsetting.  They at least come with warning signs like wind and a change in the barometric pressure that your pet is keen to.  They have no way of anticipating the shock of fireworks.  Imagine how you feel when you’re outside and a car backfires.  Fireworks cause a very similar reaction in pets.  In some cases that can mean an increase in stress hormones, a surge of adrenaline, and increased heart rate.  If you’re like me, this information is giving you anxiety as a fur baby protector.  There is a lot you can do to lessen the impact of firework anxiety.

​Preparation can go a long way toward calming your pets before fireworks.  Thirty minutes to an hour before dark, turn on a radio or television to a fairly high volume.  These are sounds your pet is used to and they will help to drown out the fireworks.  It may also be helpful to turn on all the lights in your home and close your blinds, depending on how close you are to the fireworks.

Have your pets inside and comfortable by dark.  If at all possible, have bathroom breaks finished up before the fireworks begin.  Doggy doors and all other exit points should be closed, especially if you are going out of town.  Try to have feeding done before dark.  If your pet is on anxiety medication, be sure they have it on board before dark.  Anxiety clothing should be put on an hour before dark as well.

Pet Firework Anxiety

Help your pet get to their happy place before the fireworks begin.  Any place they feel safe in the home is great.  If they have a doggy bed or crate with padding, that is their place of security.  Distractions are great.  If you give your pets treats, this would be a beneficial time to give them one.  Or maybe they have a toy that they just love that you can direct their attention to during the noise.

Fur Services Fur Pets wishes you the happiest of Fourth of July.  A little preparation goes a long way toward helping your pet enjoy the holiday as well.  If you are going out of town, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to check in on your babies. ​​

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