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Everything is bigger in Texas, including our weather.  Most of us have experienced so many tornado warnings that we don’t even react anymore.  But choosing to dismiss bad weather is a dangerous bet to make. Severe weather can hit unexpectedly and leave us at a loss as to what to do.  For the sake of our families and furry friends, it is best to have a game plan. Of course, please follow all directions of the National Weather Service.  Fur Services Fur Pets is here to help you with some additional severe weather pet tips:

Find an Alternate Location

Sometimes we get lucky and have an early warning of severe conditions.  When this is the case, the smart thing to do is find someone you can depend on until things improve.  Find friends or family with pet-friendly homes that you can stay with. The best thing is to socialize your pets with theirs before an emergency hits.  You don’t want any scuffles. If you don’t get prior warning, please stay where you are.

Pack a Bag

There is no time to go searching through your home in an emergency.  Preparing an emergency bag for your pets ahead of time is a great time-saver.  Include food for seven to ten days, toys, and any medication they will need. Even if you only have time to run to a storm shelter, having an emergency bag will save valuable time.

Keep an Emergency Bag Packed & Ready for your pets
Keep a Emergency Bag Packed & Ready

Keep Them Close

Pets like to make a break for it at the worst time.  The last thing you want to have to do do is run after your pet when things get bad.  Plus, in an emergency situation, you will want them close. The first thing you will want to do with your pets is secure them to a leash, even if you’re staying in your home.  All pet doors should be secured as well. Have carriers close in case you need them.

Pet-Friendly Hotels

It is best to have a backup for your backup.  Find pet-friendly hotels in your area, in case your first location falls through.

We hope you never have to do deal with an emergency situation.  If you do, we hope these tips help you and your pets. Remember, preparation can make all the difference.  Please continue to follow our blog for more pet tips.

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