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It’s Professional Pet Sitters Week: Spotlight on Chris!  Professional Pet Sitters Week is dedicated to recognizing WHAT makes a pet sitter professional.  Let’s be honest, there are a lot of non-pros out there.  A lot of kids next doors, neighbor down the block and people looking for a ‘side gig.’  There is NOTHING wrong with this – and there is certainly nothing wrong with hiring them.  Let’s be honest – we once WERE them.  However, there is a marketable difference between a PROFESSIONAL pet sitter and a HOBBY pet sitter.

Spotlight on Chris

Chris is not only the guy you see at Meet-n-Greets and out taking care of your pets and dancing down the street with your dogs – he is husband to Jessica, Co-Owner of Fur Services and Lead Pet Companion.
Chris’s desire to work for Fur Services full time is what took our business from a ‘hobby’ pet sitting service to a full-scale Professional Pet Care operation. With the addition to Chris on our team we invested in incredible insurance, invested in our AMAZING client portal that you all know and love and had us start seeking out learning and education opportunities beyond what we could grab at our local bookstores.
Chris has attended numerous pet sitting and dog walking conferences (six in person and many more online), sat through dozens of webinars on behavior, training, and pet interaction, he is CPR/First Aid Certified and has completed all of the FetchFind Industry training including dog and cat courses and the COVID-19 Safety Course.
Chris is our primary trainer for our team and has been the one to set the majority of our visit standards our clients like today. His favorite thing to do with pets is rough house with dogs, but, due to a back injury, he has to be REALLY careful with that these days.
We would not be the professional pet care team we are today without Chris’s influence on this business.  Thanks for joining us this Professional Pet Sitters Week for a Spotlight on Chris!

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