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During Professional Pet Sitters Week, our industry focuses on what sets aside the pros from the hobbyists.  We think training is a HUGE difference between the two.  So today, we are talking about Team Training!

Professional Pet Sitters Week: Team Training

We talk a lot about how our team is HIGHLY trained… What does this ACTUALLY look like?
  • Every single member of our team starts with the Fetch Find Pet Industry Training course. Its about 15 hours of videos that go over everything from dog and cat behavior, training, equipment, walking, breeds, aggression/bite info, safety information and so much more
  • Most of our team is Pet CPR/First Aid Certified and we are constantly getting new team members certified
  • New team members spend about 20 hours in hands-on learning and shadowing our experienced team members in the first two weeks
  • Ongoing training videos on everything from nurturing a Fear Free Pets culture to how to learn from what is in a cat’s litter box to how to react on dog walks when seeing other pets
  • On going live training with dog trainers and behaviorists
  • Consistent checking in, advising and training and retraining our existing team, no matter how long they have been around
  • Reading books on compassion fatigue, first aid and safety, pet nutrition, reactive dogs, dog and cat behavior and more
We TRULY believe that we will NEVER stop learning and growing and we wouldn’t expect anything less from our team! We aim to be one of the highest trained teams in the industry so that we can provide all of the tools and resources for our team to take Excellent Care of your pets Every Time!  Thanks for joining us this Professional Pet Sitters Week to talk about Team Training!
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