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This year we started carrying a variety of natural treats, bones and chews.  We also added some toys for fun!

However, at every event we were asked the same question, “What toys do you have a for strong chewers?  My dog tears through EVERY toy we have bought him!”

Ya’ll we can relate.  This weekend I actually was making some dog toys and our tough chewer destroyed it in less than 12 hours.  *sigh*

We wish we could carry a whole variety of tough chew toys, but the fact is that each dog is a bit different and we just don’t have the financial or spacial capacity!  However, we think we found a better solution!

DogTuff *Tough Stuff for Dogs* is exactly what you have been looking for!  This site is dedicated to being the number one source for the world’s most durable dog toys and accessories from manufacturers around the world.  We found that most items are covered under a one-time replacement guarantee (which means even if your strong chewer destroys it, at least you get another one!).  They also have ratings on their site to tell you exactly how tough EACH item is.

Check them out here:  DogTuff *Tough Stuff for Dogs*

Let us know what you find on there and how it worked out!

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