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Union Park is a dog walking paradise.  With concrete, wide paths that move every which way and traverse through parks and trees, its natural to walk to spend time walking all over.  Do you find yourself walking your dog more since moving to Union Park?  Perhaps walking your dog is always on your ‘to do’ list but never gets checked off?  Hiring a Union Park Dog Walker will provide your pup with regular, consistent exercise, necessary mental stimulation, and positive, fun experiences!

Walking Paths in Union Park What does a Dog Walker Do?

Our team believes in dog walks that don’t end at the opportunity for exercise.  Your pup will get the opportunity to not only get out of the house, but they will enjoy plenty of time to potty, some time to play, get a drink and a nibble of food/treats (as instructed) and pose for some adorable photos too!

Our Union Park Dog Walkers ONLY walk one family at a time; you never need to worry about us picking up another dog family along the way.  The safety of your pup is a top priority, as such, we will keep your dog on a standard, non-flex leash throughout the entire walk.

We think walks are for more than just exercise.  Our team encourages mental stimulation by moving at an eager pace while also allowing plenty of time to sniff along the way.  Providing opportunity to sniff is mentally as important to their brain health as exercise is to their overall health.

Other pets and people are unknowns to your pup; our team is trained to not allow dog-to-dog interactions (outside of your immediately family, of course) or physical human interactions with strangers.  Our walks are about your pup, not about other dogs or people getting to know your pup.

Worried about weather conditions?  When we experience extreme weather, (extreme temperatures, unsafe storm conditions, unsafe snow/ice conditions) we will allow ample potty time outside, then spend the rest of the visit playing and cuddling indoors.

Union Park Dog Walking How much does a Union Park Dog Walker Cost?

Walking services generally provide walks in length from 20 minutes to 60 minutes so price is generally dependent upon the length of the walk.  Also, as it would be difficult to walk 3 or 4 dogs all at the same time, price often varies with the number of dogs needing to be walked.  Some companies provide a frequency discount and others might charge different depending on the time of day or day of week the walk is needed.

You can call us at 214-240-5269, Contact Us or Visit our Dog Walking Page for specific price information for Fur Services Fur Pets Dog Walking Visits.

Where is My Dog Walked in Union Park?

There are so many fun paths and trails throughout Union Park.  We believe no two walks should be the same, so we like to change up your dog’s route each time we come to prevent boredom and encourage a more enriching experience.  Although we do walk neighborhood sidewalks, if the walk is long enough (and the pup moves quickly enough), we will try to explore new paths near your home each time we come.  In Union Park, no walk gets boring!

What Happens When I Meet my Dog Walker?

Our Meet-n-Greets are fun and necessary opportunity to get to know us, our team and Fur Services Fur Pets in general!  We encourage questions 😊.

We also take this opportunity to find out more about your pup.  During the Meet-n-Greet we’ll find out:

  • Where can we find your dog’s leash and harness?
  • Where will we find your dog when you aren’t home?
  • Does your pup pup have a food/treat routine we need to follow?
  • Does your pup have any special needs we should be aware of while walking?
  • How will we access your home and how do we operate your security alarm (if applicable)?

For the respect and safety of your family and our team members, until further notice, we will wear a mask during all Meet-n-Greets.  We ask that all humans wear one as well.  😊

Union Park Dog Walking

How Do I Know My Dog Was Walked?

Our team has invested in a fantastic Client Portal and mobile application.  Clients love receiving Report Cards after each Walk!  The report card will be emailed with a synopsis of how the visit went, what your pup did, confirmation of potty, and even some adorable photos!

For clients who have downloaded our customer app, they will receive instant notifications of report cards and messages to their smart devices.  Our visits and walks are GPS and Time Tracked and this information can be requested at any time.

We offer dog walks while you are home on conference calls, hanging out with your family OR gone for a long day of work or time on the town.  You may request Union Park Dog Walking services easily online or through our app at any time!  We offer early morning, daytime and evening walks seven days a week – including most major holidays (for an additional fee) for your convenience and your pup’s wellbeing!

To book your Union Park Dog Walker, give us a call at 214-240-5269, Contact Us, or Login to your Existing Client Portal Account.


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