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The other night my Golden Retriever Ivy slipped out the back gate.  Luckily, she will do just about anything for a treat.  It didn’t take long to get her back in the house.  We weren’t so lucky with my cat, Alex, a few years ago.  Having a pet go missing is a heartbreaking experience.  But we don’t have to give up hope.  A lot can be done to get your pet back.  Fur Services Fur Pets hopes your pet never goes missing.  If they do, however, these tips will hopefully reunite you with your furry loved one:

Having your pet microchipped can help anyone who finds them connect your pet with you
Veterinarian checking microchip of cat in vet clinic

Be Proactive

Dogs and cats are wily animals.  As their pet protectors, we must try to plan for escape attempts.  Our pets should wear their collars at all times, and tags should have your latest address and contact information.  Keep recent photos of all your pets.  Even if no one goes missing, you can show off how adorable they are.  Getting your pet microchipped is perhaps the most beneficial precaution.  Anyone who finds your pet and has a scanner will be able to get him or her back where they belong, even if the collar happens to fall off.

Make a Flyer

Even in the age of the Internet, “Missing” flyers are useful.  It should have a photo of your pet, their name, and your contact information.  Give your friends and neighbors several copies to pass out.  Post them in high traffic areas and anywhere people frequently bring their pets – gas stations, laundromats, dog parks, and the veterinarian’s office.

Posting flyers when a pet is missing can be helpful in spreading awareness to find them
lost puppy poster on a lightpost

Some of the microchip companies actually have member portals where you can print pre-made flyers and when your pet goes missing, it will send fliers to all other members in your area.

Create a Search Party

Alert your friends, family, and neighbors that your pet has gone missing.  Ask them to search the neighborhood with you.  Together you can walk around calling your pet’s name and distributing fliers.  Cast a wide net.  Call all shelters and rescues in the area.  Take recent photos with you or e-mail them an electronic copy.

Use Social Media

The Internet allows us to reach more people than ever before.  Sometimes it is even used for a productive cause.  Let everyone on your social media know that your pet is missing.  Make a “Missing Pet” post with a photo and ask everyone to share.  If your neighborhood has a “Lost and Found” page, make regular posts there.

Placing your cat’s litter box on the porch or in the backyard can help your cat find its way home

Use their Incredible Sense of Smell

Placing your dog’s bed or favorite blanket – or your cat’s litter box on your front or back porch is also a great way to bring back your missing pet. Dogs and cats have INCREDIBLE senses of smell and often these two items can bring your pets back home if they are nearby.

Don’t Give Up

It is devastating to have a pet missing.  There will be plenty of sleepless nights.  We must still remain hopeful that they will come back.  A study conducted by the ASPCA reported that 85 percent of lost pets are returned home.  Statistics and technology are on our side.  Don’t give up the search.

We hope you never have a pet go missing.  If you do, Fur Services Fur Pets is here for you.  Try these tips and please let us know what we can do to help.  Continue to follow our blog for more helpful pet tips.

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