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With our busy lives, it is difficult to find an opportunity for quality time with our pets.  Why should we walk our dogs?  It is important to find time for walking to enrich the lives of both dogs and humans alike.  We have all received that hopeful glare from our pups when putting on our tennis shoes and had to disappoint them.  The important thing is to carve out time where you and your furry friend can get outside and enjoy life.  Walking has a variety of benefits to you and your dog’s life:

Dog being walked in Savannah Texas by Dog Walkers

Walks Satisfy Natural Urge

Most dog breeds were created with a specific task mind.  We might not think about it, but dogs live with a sense of purpose.  Some dogs are meant to herd cattle while others feel the need to retrieve animals.  If your pup is anything like my Golden Retriever Ivy, socks have taken the place of waterfowl.  Going for a walk satisfies their natural urge to do something athletic.

Health Benefits

Most dogs live a comfortable life.  We would probably pay big bucks to trade places with our dogs just for a few days.  Dog guardians like to pamper our pups with comfortable beds and the occasional table scraps.  If we are not careful, all the pampering can become excessive and lead to weight gain.  Going for a regular walk is a great way to provide balance to the otherwise indulgent lives of our dogs.

American Stafford on a walk in Savannah Texas with dog walkers

Training Opportunity

It takes work to teach a dog the necessary commands that will ultimately keep them safe.  Walking on a leash is a learned skill for both dog and guardian.  Regular walks instill the discipline that it takes to learn proper walking technique.  Only going for the occasional walk without proper technique can be dangerous.  Routine shows your pup the behavior that is expected.  Plus, it prevents a challenging environment to cement other commands.  Once your dog has learned sit and stay in the home, taking the skill into the distracting world gives them a chance to really prove themselves.

Dog sniffing during dog walk in Frisco Texas with dog walkers


Dogs, like humans, get cabin fever.  They get bored and that is usually about the time that the couch cushions look awfully tasty.  Going for a walk provides dogs with the stimulus that they seek.  New sights and smells are exciting.  If you can safely vary the locations of walks, it is even more exciting.  For young dogs, or dogs that have lived in a shelter, going for a walk is a vital opportunity for them to acclimate to the outside world.

Your Relationship

Going for a walk is one of the best opportunities to bond with your pup.  It is one of the rare chances where you both get to just enjoy life.  Stop and sit on a bench.  Admire the sunset.  Throw the ball.  These are important times for you to unplug and show your pup how much you love them.  It will do wonders for their mood and yours.  And its a good explanation of why we should walk our dogs.

We at Fur Services Fur Pets hope that you all find an opportunity to head outdoors.  As temperatures drop, keep an eye on the weather forecast.  Rain and cold are not part of the formula for a good walk.  Have fun and be safe.  Please continue to follow our blog for more great pet tips.  Don’t have time to walk your dog daily or on a regular basis?  Let our dedicated Dog Walkers help your pup get exercise.  Read about our Dog Walking Services Here.


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