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Winter has arrived early in Texas.  It is officially, “Why can’t I just stay in bed?” season.  Temperatures are dropping, and some cities are even getting snow. The fur coats our pets wear only provide so much insulation.  As responsible pet parents, we must look out  for them during harsh weather.  A few precautionary measures will ensure that you and your furry family will enjoy the holidays:

Keep Pets Inside

Spending quality time on the porch is wonderful,just not when there are arctic temperatures.  Pets need to be warm just as much as humans.  Pets who are young, old, or short-haired are especially vulnerable to cold temperatures.  Keep unsupervised trips outside short.  Pet sweaters are great for trips outside.  They are also festive and warm.  Just make sure they fit properly and don’t obstruct any of their activities.

Some dogs are built for the cold weather – but many dogs aren’t

Warning: Keep Out of Reach of Fur Children

Many of the products humans use to stay warm are toxic to animals.  Pets typically investigate things with their mouth and nose. That makes it our responsibility to keep dangerous items out of their path.  Salt and chemicals used on roads can irritate their skin.  Thoroughly wipe their paws after venturing out. Antifreeze is also very poisonous. Anytime there is a spill, keep your pets inside and make sure the area is completely cleaned.

Grooming Matters

It may seem like more hair means more warmth during Winter.  Grooming is still important to our pet’s health and happiness.  Balls often can form on the bottoms of their paws and cause discomfort.  To prevent this from happening, keep paws trimmed and neat.  Nails should also be trimmed.  Ice is slippery for humans and pets alike.  A good manicure and pedicure help pets keep their footing in frosty weather.

Disappearing Act

Cats are reclusive year-round.  Especially during the colder months, they will search for a warm and cozy place to nap. Extra vigilance is necessary when starting a machine of any kind.  A dryer full of clothes looks just like a bed to a sleepy kitty.  Stray cats will also seek warmth under the hood of a vehicle. Bang on dryers, car hoods, and other motorized machines before starting them up.

Keep Them Comfortable

Pets are a part of the family.  As such, we always strive to make them comfortable.  In the Winter, special attention should be paid to bedding. Help your pet find somewhere padded and well-insulated.  Make sure small animals in cages are away from drafty areas and not too close to a heater.  If your pet must spend an extended amount of time outside, give them plenty of food and warm blankets.

Fur Services Fur Pets hopes that you and your loved ones stay warm and cozy this winter. Remember-if you’re cold, they probably are too.  Please continue to follow our blog for more helpful tips.

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