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Bringing your pup to the dog park is a great way to get excess energy out, socialize your pup and meet other dog parents!  We hope you enjoy this guide on the Dog Parks Near Savannah Texas!

As a disclaimer, we encourage you to ONLY bring your dog friendly, well-socialized, vaccinated pup to the dog park.  Additionally, you should keep an eye on your dog the whole time you are at the park, pick up after your pup and be careful when sharing toys and bringing treats!  We also encourage you to work on your dog’s recall prior to going to a dog park so you know that when you call, your pup will come running.

Four Paws Dog Park

One of Savannah’s first dog parks is located in Greenview Village off Cotton Exchange and Fort Lane.  This dog park is one of four in Savannah and features a combined play space for both small and large dogs.  Its well shaded and has beautiful views of the water!

Cherokee Rose Dog Park

Cherokee Rose Dog Park in Savannah features a nice pavilion with picnic table to get out of the sun and elements.  Its conveniently located off of Fishtrap Road and Cherokee Rose Trail in Peachtree Village.  It is also a combined play space for both small and large dogs.

Shawnee Park / Oglethorpe Dog Park

Savannah’s first divided Dog Park, Shawnee Park Dog Park offers a play yard for large dogs and a play yard for small dogs (under 35lbs)!  It fears big, open spaces right next to a children’s park and work out area!  You can find this park in Oglethorpe Village off Oglethorpe and Shawnee Drive.

Wright Park

Wright Park is Savannah’s combined fenced-in park that residents use as a dog park as well!  The park features a gas grille, picnic tables, pergola, huge open spaces and a fun playground!  You’ll find this park in Azalea Village off Wright Street and State Street.

Dog playing in Wright Dog Park, Savannah Texas

Union Park Dog Park

Just down the street from Savannah, you’ll find a City of Little Elm Dog Park in Union Park!  It is open to all area residents, features big dog and small dog play yards, dog play equipment, a staging area and lots of trees for shade.  It is our area’s largest dog park and even has its own Facebook Group where many regular attendees keep in touch.

Bringing your dog to local dog parks on a regular basis can be integral to your pup’s overall people and dog socialization skills.  However, it is so important to be a responsible dog owner before going to the dog park for the first time and during your time at the dog park.  Remember to only bring your well socialized pups that do not have any history of aggression towards other pets or people.  We also do not ever recommend bringing young kids to a true dog park with you (the exception being Savannah’s Wright Park).  Be sure your dog is feeling well, is vaccinated, dewormed, on flea and tick control and gets plenty of water while at the park!  There are several Dog Parks Near Savannah Texas, be sure to let us know which one is your favorite!

Know of any other amazing local dog parks?  Let us know!

*Fur Services Fur Pets will never bring your dog to a dog park while it is in our care.  We are happy to exercise your dog with long, brisk walks and lots of playtime inside and in your back yard.

Find out more about our Savannah Dog Sitting and Dog Walking Services.  Also be sure to check out our Savannah Pet Parents Guide!

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